Fluke 17B+ To measure and see the value of current and voltage 4
Fluke 17B To measure and see the value of current and voltage 1
Fluke 107 To measure and see the value of current and voltage 2
Aplab DC regulated power supply L3210 To provide dc power supply to the boards for testing. 2
Aplab DC regulated power supply L6410 1
Aplab DC regulated power supply L3220 1
Aplab DC regulated power supply L1282 1
Aplab DC regulated power supply L6405 1
UNI-T digital storage oscilloscope UTD2062C To check Ripple. 1
Variable Registance Machine(KDP) To measure the load. 2
Fault testing zig(KDP) To identify the board fault if any. 1
Final testing zig(KDP) To prepare the board report. 1
Wave soldering Machine To Soldering the pcb boards. 2
Hot Chamber To cleare the mostirizer from the components and to lackaring the board. 6
Cold Chamber To checking the temparature tollerence of the components. 2
Ultra sonic Cleaner To clean the board with ultrasonic wave. 4
Auto gluning machine(KDP) To Paste glue on the board. 1
Motor screw driver To tight the screw. 6
Air Compessor To provide the supply of highly crompessed air 3
Maxima S1120 For Winding the transformer wire. 2
Maxima S2120 For Winding the transformer wire with double spindle. 1
HTC MO-5000 For measuring the micro ohms. 2
Kusam-Meco KM-454 To measure LCR & QDR value. 1
Aplab 4910 To measure LCR. 1
Regenato RTF 2C To creamping the wire. 1
Regenato BW882D To cut and stripping wire. 1
Solder pot To solder the wires or other components. 2
MOV Cutting Machine To cut the MOV. 1
Registance Cutting Machine. To Cut the Registance. 3
HD Magnifying glass For detailed visual checking. 1
Co2 lazer Machine To cutting the accrealic sheet and other materials. 1
lazer Machine
To print on pcb or anything. 1
Miler & Capacitor cutting Machine To cut the miler & capacitor. 1
Hot air gun To dry printing screen and to attached slepings to the wire. 3
Zebra ZD230 Bar code & Sticker printer 1
NTPL(KDPMC040) High voltage breakdown tester 1
Rish insu-20 Insulation tester 1
INNOVA(I-63C) To measure the micro ohms 1
Elmerks pressure gage To check relay spring preassure. 3
Kusam-Meco KM117A To measure thickness 1
Pickup drop test pannel(KDP) To ckeck realy pickup and realease voltage 7
Contact Registance test meter(KDP) To ensure that realy contact registance is ok. 4
High voltage and insulation test pannel(KDP) To check the insulation of the really 1
Ac immunity test pannel(KDP) It is used to ensure that the AC power supply will not operate the really 2
Non-overlapping bridging test pannel(KDP) For bridge testing of realy. 3
Auto test setup with auto record and print facility(KDP) To ckheck realy pickup & drop, contact registance,coil opearating voltageand report printing. 1
Flusher(KDP) To clean the realy contacts 1
Gwinstick GDM8342 To measure and see the value of current and voltage with 50000 counts 1
Gwinstick GDS1102B To measure frequency and ripple 1
BAKU 850 SMD rework station 1
Ender3D 3D printer  1
Pcb cnc machine 3420(KDP) For prototype pcb drilling, routing and edge profiling. 1
YOKOGAWA AQ1000 OTDR To measuring the fiber loss and distance. 1
Optical power meter VTC830 For measuring the optical power loss. 1
Visual Fault locator To identify the lekage of the fiber. 1